Why your help is needed:

Manitoba has almost double the national rate of violence against women. – Statistics Canada 2013

There are over 1,900 single mother families living in Brandon. – Statistics Canada 2016

Over 7,000 women living in Southwest Manitoba earn less than $30,000 / year. – Statistics Canada 2016

“Until we find ourselves in a position where every Manitoban woman is safe at home with her children, there will always be more work do to.”

—Theresa Oswald, Manitoba Minister of Health 2006 – 2013

When you support The Women’s Resource Centre you’re not only supporting the women and families that access our services, you are helping to create lasting change in our community. With support from people like you, people that share our vision of a healthy, thriving community, we can continue to provide critical services to women and children every day. The Women’s Resource Centre is a registered charity and will issue charitable receipts for donations of $20 or more.

How you can help:

Make a one time donation

  • A $2000 donation will provide counselling services to a child that has witnessed family violence.
  • A $500 donation will provide healthy breakfast and snack items to women and children for 3 months.
  • A $50 donation will allow us to host an employment skills workshop.

Become a Monthly Donor

Can you spare $10 or $25 per month? When you become a monthly donor your gift will provide a reliable stream of support that helps us to plan more effectively. Becoming a monthly donor is quick and easy – you determine the amount of your monthly donation, and you can change or stop it at any time.

Help us to reach our goal of 500 monthly donors by clicking the Canada Helps logo below to sign up today and asking your friends and family to do the same!

Provide In-Kind Support

There are many products and services that add to our operational costs, diverting cash from programs and services. You can help us to put more of that money where it is most needed by providing in-kind product or service donations. A few examples of the types of donations that would help:

    • Healthy breakfast or snack items for program participants
    • Computer hardware, software, or technical support
    • Office cleaning or snow removal services
    • Office furniture
    • Office supplies, such as printer paper, ink, stamps, envelopes, etc.
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Maintenance services
    • Gift cards to area businesses

Donating online is easy! Just click the Canada Helps button below, choose your donation amount and frequency, and enter your payment information.

Donations can be also dropped off in person or mailed to us at:

729 Princess Ave. Brandon, MB R7A 0P4