Our Mission, Vision, Goals, and Promise

Our Mission:

The Women’s Resource Centre provides programs, services, and counselling on issues affecting women and children, including family violence while encouraging respect, diversity and equality with a feminist perspective.

Our Vision:

The Women’s Resource Centre is an organization dedicated to providing support and mentoring for all women and their families.

Our Goals:

    • To provide the women of Western Manitoba with education and counselling on domestic violence,
    • to provide Brandon and rural women access to information on cultural, economic, educational, health, legal, and social services,
    • to coordinate and/or support projects which promote women’s equality, and
    • to create a space for women to meet in a place of their own to network and share information.

Our Promise:

We will do all that we can for the women of our community. We will reach out, and keep an open door to all women. No matter the situation, we are committed to guiding and supporting women in a non-judgemental, positive environment. Freedom is the right to stand strong and hold your head high no matter the past. We are here keeping our promise to women; we are here for you.